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Scrap Metal Recycling Center in Dallas, Texas

At Texas Recycling, we serve as an environmentally conscious recycler of scrap metal (ferrous and nonferrous) in Dallas, Texas. We recycle copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, palladium, iron, tin and more.


Our focus is to recycle metals in the most efficient and environmentally safe manner possible, regardless of shape, size, composition or processing requirements.



Metals Recycling - scrap alumunum  

We provide scrap metal recycling services to all types of industrial accounts in the DFW metroplex and throughout North Texas. As global markets, environmental concerns and technology become increasingly complex, our customers rely on Texas Recycling for best prices, quality and professional expertise.

At Texas Recycling, we are committed to providing your business with a solution that is tailored to meet your specific needs, no matter how large or small. As a family-owned company, we find satisfaction in being flexible and the ability to provide hands-on personal attention to your scrap metal recycling needs.

Public Buy Back Center

Looking for a quick way to turn your unwanted scrap metal into cash? We are here to serve you and all of your metal recycling needs. Texas Recycling pays cash for your aluminum cans, wire and other metals.   Metals Recycling-scrap copper

With an experienced team and multiple scales, we will have you on your way in minutes. If you have any questions about how we may serve you, call us at 214-357-0262 or email us at info@TexasRecycling.com.

What We Buy*

Ferrous metals Steel items Bicycles
Nonferrous metals Aluminum sliding Segregated aluminum alloys
Copper Metal shavings Brass
Yellow brass Aluminum extrusion Aluminum wire
Beverage & soda aluminum cans Sheet iron Auto radiators
Aluminum litho plates Electric motors Titanium
Radiators Aluminum breakage Zinc
Insulated copper wire Cast iron Lead
Stainless steel Tin Auto Batteries
Copper tubing Aluminum sheet Electronic scrap
Painted aluminum Compressors Computer circuit boards & processors
Red brass Gutters and more metals* . . .
Aluminum wheels Plumbing parts

Also buying:

Paper Cardboard
Newspaper Office paper
Electronics and much more* . . .

Best Prices

At Texas Recycling, we monitor materials-related news, commodity and financial markets to provide top pricing on every metal traded. We weigh all material on certified scales. We enter the data into a computerized database and record each weight on a scale ticket for payment. These methods ensure accurate and efficient payment and the best prices possible.

Our high standard of service means that your scrap metal recycling needs will be handled professionally with just a telephone call.

For pricing, pick-up or drop-off, please give us a call at 214-357-0262 or email us at info@TexasRecycling.com. We look forward to helping you.

*Some restrictions apply
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